The wisdom from more than three decades as a lawyer.
The vision of a better way to resolve disputes.


William Dowling built his reputation as a trial lawyer, where he has been
respected for keeping a level head and evaluating the strengths and
weaknesses of every case. Now he brings that legal experience to his
mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice.


Bill understands the dynamics of a dispute and guides the parties in
developing a win-win resolution. These qualities, honed during his career
as a litigator, make him an effective mediator.

About Bill Dowling


William Dowling focuses his practice on mediation and alternative dispute resolution.


He has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in state and federal courts.

About Mediation


Over his years in legal practice, William Dowling became a true believer in alternative dispute resolution, combining his desire to find fair resolution of disputes with his dispassionate eye for the facts of a case.

Bill Dowling Mediation Library


Here you'll find valuable resources and links related to alternative dispute resolution.